Friday, March 24, 2006

A ‘Cop’s Cop’

If you want to learn more about Chief Rohrer, here’s a good article from Tom Jackman at the Washington Post. When Fairfax County Police Chief David M. Rohrer was promoted to Chief, his fellow officers praised him as a “cops cop.”

We understand that in the entire history of the police department, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has never hired a Chief from outside of the department. We think this is a little inbred and creates a culture that makes it very difficult to have any confidence that this department will ever be capable of investigating itself.

The heads of the Bureaus of Internal Affairs and Criminal Investigations both report to the Chief. The Chief is a 25 year veteran of the department. The still officially unnamed officer who shot and killed our son Sal is a 17 year veteran of the department. It is difficult to have confidence that Chief Rohrer is capable of directing and overseeing investigations fairly and impartially when in the same breadth of expressing condolences to our family, he said this.

Tell Chief Rohrer what you think.

Sal and Anita Culosi
Proud Parents of Salvatore J. Culosi


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