Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Years – Still No Justice for Sal

We are now in the Third Year of the incredible loss of our dearly loved Son and Brother.

From March ’07 when we filed our suit, to the present, we have been pursuing the legal system and keeping our promise to Sal, that in his behalf, we would do all that we could, in seeking the justice owed to him and our family.

Since beginning this legal journey we have had an uphill battle. Shown little concern, or cooperation, we have had to conduct our own investigation because the explanations provided by the FCPD left us with many unanswered questions. We sat through numerous depositions, listening to upsetting and painful accounts of what took place, before and after Sal was shot and killed. With only one witness to the actual moment, and others claiming not to have seen anything, it was and is terribly difficult to believe that it happened the way it was stated.

We have enlisted the expertise of several noted persons in their respective fields. We have appeared in court several times to rebut Defense motions to dismiss our eight counts: four against the County and four against the officer who shot Sal. The four against the County were dismissed by the judge; the four counts against the Officer remain.

At this time all counts are being appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond where we are hoping all appeals will be decided in our favor. We will be waiting on that court’s judgment probably until late spring or early summer, and we have had our trial date stayed pending their decisions.

We apologize to our Son and to all of you…for not keeping this site updated. Our best intentions in posting incremental updates, although they were written by us, somehow never made it to this site, as circumstances distracted us and focused our attention to “legal” matters.

Please continue to remember Sal, keeping him and our family in your prayers as we continue forward in his name.

With Our Gratitude and May God Bless Each of You.

Sal, Anita and Family